Present your start-up at the SingularityU Czech Summit!

SingularityU Czech Summit is looking for 5 Czech start-ups for the main program. Sign up and become part of the most prestigious tech conference in the Czech Republic.

”Apply technology to tackle the world’s biggest problems” is the motto of the Singularity University, an educational program founded by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil. The interest and discussion about exponential technologies is expanding from Sillicon Valley all over the world. On March 5-6, 2018, the first conference, SingularityU Czech Summit , will be held in Prague. Presenting, among others, will be

  • David Roberts, one of the world's top disruptive innovation experts
  • Divya Chander, Professor of Neuroscience at Stanford
  • Neil Jacobstein in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Singularity University at NASA Research Park
  • Ramez Naam, author of the Nexus trilogy, who led the development at Microsoft and stood at the outset of Outlook, Internet Explorer, or Bing.

In addition to these speakers, it could be you standing on the stage in front of 700 international participants if you have a world-class tech start-up. You get bonus points if the start-up is based on your original research or is addressing one of Singularity University's topics. To get started, fill in the application form. The deadline for submitting applications is Feb 25, 2018.

So, what can you get?

  • free ticket to the SingularityU Czech Summit and a discount on tickets for your colleagues or friends.
  • 5-minute presentation - you will be part of the main program where you will be able to address all the participants during a 5-minute presentation.
  • Chance to personally meet the speakers of the SingularityU Czech Summit as well as a number of foreign journalists.
  • A place in a dedicated networking space where you can meet other participants and start-ups.

How will the start-up selection work?

The first step will be the evaluation of your application. If you are shortlisted, there will be a meeting/call with Bohemia Venture Capital, partner of the event, who will make the selection together with other independent experts. During the meeting/phone call, you will be able to talk in detail about the technology your start-up is developing, about your product and the customers you are targeting. Selected start-ups will receive further information on Feb 26, 2018.