SingularityU Czech Summit

"The Best Way to Predict the Future Is to Create It."

Peter Diamandis

SingularityU Czech Summit 2023

Be Part of the Exponential Future

Visionaries and futurists meet again in the Czech Republic. For the third time, leading-edge speakers from Singularity University will join Central European leaders and innovators for an unforgettable experience. Fasten your seat belts!

Reserve Your Front Seat to the Future!

Singularity University returns to the Czech Republic!

Last year, we brought together more than 1000 leaders from all over the world, along with a uniquely diverse audience from a wide range of industries. Together we started a discussion about the future, global trends, exponential technologies and other topics that are about to change our world.

And we are back again! Save the date: October 2 - 3, 2023.

SingularityU Czech Summit 2020 will once again transfer you into the future.

Do not miss the opportunity to interact with those who are currently changing the world. Come and meet the world's leading speakers and experts on exponentially accelerating technologies together with Czech and European business leaders of today and tomorrow. Seize the chance to gain exclusive knowledge and insight, vital for you to compete and thrive in the constantly changing environment.

SingularityU Czech Summit 2023

The SingularityU Czech Summit will be like no other conference you have ever attended.

Over the course of two days in April, you will hear from global experts in exponential technologies, from Silicon Valley and beyond, and learn about the implications relevant for you. You will also discover the cutting edge of technological progress taking place right here in the Czech Republic as well as in the whole of Central Europe. Your Summit experience, however, is much more than just talks.

Every ticket to the Summit includes:

  • Opportunities to meet the speakers
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exclusive access to the Summit app
  • All evening receptions
  • Czech catering
  • Simultaneous translation (English-Czech)
  • And more!

Why should I join?

You will:

  • Meet with and learn directly from experts from Singularity University which is now considered „an Ivy League university from the future.“
  • Learn about the world's breakthrough technologies that are shaping our lives and will impact our future.
  • Meet world renowned speakers who are experts in AI, Sustainability, Ethics, Robotics, Medicine, Genetics, Fintech, Big Data, Privacy, Smart Cities, Education etc.
  • Discuss, gain insights and form the future of your industry, and learn about the future of work, mobility, transportation, democracy, education, medicine, crime, and more...
  • Connect and exchange ideas with 1000 European executives, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, NGOs, students and policy-makers.
  • Meet people like you: curious about opportunities to apply the newest technologies, with the intent of growing their business in a changing environment and with the motivation to positively impact the world.
  • Be a part of the change!

About Singularity Group

Singularity Group is an innovation company that believes technology and entrepreneurship can solve the world's greatest challenges.

We transform the way people and organizations think about exponential technology and the future, and enable them to create and accelerate initiatives that will deliver business value and positively impact people and the planet.

An exponential tech pioneer since 2008, Singularity has grown to become an innovation and transformation hub for over 250,000 CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and individuals in startups, corporations, NGO's, governments and academia. With 58 chapters across 30 countries (and growing) and a community of leaders from around the world, the company has helped launch over 5,000 impact innovation initiatives and its alumni have started more than 200 companies.


Palác Žofín - Slovanský ostrov 226/8, 110 00 Prague 1

Who stands behind SingularityU Czech Summit idea?

"There are 4 local businessmen who stand behind the idea of bringing the Singularity University into our country and thanks to them it is possible to organise this extraordinary event" says Eva Hanakova, Managing Director of SingularityU Czech Summit.

Tomáš Krsek (Founder of an investment fund BHM Group that invest into high value-added firms with sophisticated know-how)
Martin Kúšik (Founder of the investment family office Odyssey 44)
Radek Pokorný (Founding partner of the Prague-based law firm Pokorný, Wagner & Partner)
Jan Sýkora (Chairman of the board of WOOD & Company, a leading investment bank in Emerging Europe)








Discover the first speakers announced

Larry Keeley

Larry Keeley

Neil Jacobstein

Neil Jacobstein

Aaron Frank

Aaron Frank

Marc Goodman

Marc Goodman

Dr. Daniel Kraft

Dr. Daniel Kraft

Pascal Finette

Pascal Finette

Coming soon!

Coming soon!


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