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SingularityU Czech Summit is coming back to Prague!

Prague, 28 June 2023

The Singularity Is Near! That is exactly the name of the book about the evolution of artificial intelligence and future of humanity which was written by Ray Kurzweil, American inventor, futurologist and founder of Singularity University in 2005.

The singularity is near! We are happy to announce that one of the most prestigious international events is returning to Prague. The third edition of the SingularityU Czech Summit will take place on October 2nd and 3rd, 2023 at the Žofín Palace in Prague.We are proud that the Czech Republic is so far the first and only country in Europe where this futuristic summit is taking place after the pandemics break.

And what will be the key topic of SingularityU Czech Summit 2023? A topic that currently fascinates the whole world, but also raises some concerns: artificial intelligence.

We will introduce you to the latest technologies and innovations that will influence our lives and change the world of business and the entire society. Together with top experts in the field of AI, we will explore its potential, but discuss the possible threats or ethical aspects it presents as well. We will bring you the most interesting updates from different fields and we will focus on topics such as future of energy, green energy, healthcare and medicine, e-mobility as well as finance or education and many others. And all that will be presented by the most renowned experts.

Visionaries from all over the world will once again come to the Czech Republic. Top speakers directly from the Singularity Group based in Silicon Valley will take the stage. They will be joined by the scientific elite, innovators and technology pioneers from our region and other European countries.

As a participant of this prestigious summit you will get access to exclusive information and you will have a great opportunity to meet the visionaries and discuss with them. In addition, you will find the possibility to connect with other participants who share your interest and passion for the future and who, like you, are interested in where humanity is going with regard to the rapid development of technology.

The Summit experience goes however even beyond that. We always try to surprise you with a discovery from the technology-driven world that you have not seen with your own eyes ever before. For example during last edition of SingularityU Czech Summit we witnessed a real-life 'Iron man', the British innovator Richard Browning, flying over the Vltava river in his special suit. In addition, we also highly support talented children and students as during the course of the event we organize special talks and activities even for them.

Watch the short trailer from last edition and see it for yourself:

A new era is coming and we want to welcome you on board of the SingularityU Czech Summit!