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The prestigious Singularity University Summit returns to Prague

Prague, 5 February 2019

Visionaries from around the world will once again head to the Czech Republic. Top speakers from the prestigious American Singularity University will meet Central European leaders and innovators on one stage for the second time.

By 2029, computers will become superintelligent and artificial intelligence will reach human capabilities. By 2045, machines will surpass human intelligence and we will live forever.

This is the prediction of Ray Kurzweil, one of the most prominent futurists and inventors of our time and one of the founders of the prestigious Singularity University.

Some call it "Silicon Valley's version of an MBA". Others argue that this is what the most elite universities of the future will look like. Its lecturers are the most respected experts in technology and in fields such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, biotechnology, robotics, virtual reality and neuroscience. And its alumni include respected entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, prominent politicians and the most promising students from around the world.

All of them will gather at Žofín in Prague on April 1st and 2nd, 2019, which will host the SingularityU Czech Summit for the second time.

The Czech Republic is so far the only country in Central and Eastern Europe where the futuristic congress of Singularity University is taking place.

"Last year's Singularity University conference had an incredible response. More than 700 participants from almost 30 countries arrived - among them mainly business owners, top managers, scientists, but also promising students. In short, those who care about where humanity, society and business are heading due to the rapid development of technology," says Eva Hanáková, managing director of SingularityU Czech Summit.

"This year we will again bring more than 20 top experts to Prague to present new trends in areas such as artificial intelligence, genetics, mobility, banking and biotechnology," adds Eva Hanáková.

But the visionary leaders from Silicon Valley and other parts of the world will also reveal what shifts await us in education, the labour market, or the future of democracy or the arts.

One of today's foremost experts in ethics, Oxford professor Julian Savulescu, will talk about man's play on God, the creation of genetically engineered children, and the limits of science.

Taddy Blecher, the well-known South African businessman who, together with Richard Branson, started universities for poor and disadvantaged children in Africa, will share what the future of education will look like.

Raymond McCauley welcomes us to the era of biotechnology and biohacking, reveals the business of bioinformatics, and what new things are in store for medicine.

Alex Gladstein will present the impact of the rapid development of technology on the future of democracy, show what technological weapons are used by dictators and autocratic regimes, and explain how to resist digital dictatorship.

One of Singularity University's featured speakers, Amin Toufani, will talk about economics, leadership, and successful business models in an age of exponential technology.

And that's not all...
"Four local businessmen are behind the idea of bringing Singularity University to our country. Thanks to them it is possible to organize this extraordinary event for the first time in Prague," says Eva Hanáková

"They are Tomáš Krsek (founder of the investment firm BHM Group), Martin Kúšik (founder of the family firm Odyssey 44 and former co-owner of the investment group Penta), Radek Pokorný (founder of the Prague law company Pokorný, Wagner & Partner) and Jan Sýkora, co-owner of WOOD & Company."

"Having visited Singularity University events in different parts of the world several times, I wished that other entrepreneurs, scientists and students from Central and Eastern Europe would have the opportunity to meet and discuss with respected experts in the field of high-tech and science right here in Prague," says Tomáš Krsek.

"Singularity University is proud that Prague will host the second SingularityU Czech Summit and that it will bring together Central European leaders and organizations that are shaping the future," said Rob Nail, CEO and co-founder of Singularity University. "The Czech Republic is quickly gaining a reputation as a leader in technology and we look forward to interacting with local entrepreneurs, scientists and top executives," he added.

The main partner of SingularityU Czech Summit is Deloitte Czech Republic.

"We consider combining experienced experts with the enthusiasm of younger generations to be one of the most effective ways to tackle even the most difficult challenges. That is why we decided to facilitate a debate between the world's leading innovation leaders and talented children about the future of the world during the conference," says Diana Rádl Rogerová, Managing Partner of Deloitte Czech Republic and member of the Deloitte Central Europe regional leadership. "We also help our clients use a similar innovation process. It's not often that we as a people have the chance to improve society and increase profits at the same time."


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