Su 2018

Prague hosted the first SU conference – SingularityU Czech Summit 2018

The event took place in Palác Žofín in Prague from 1st to 2nd March 2018. Among the main topics were modern technologies and their impact on our life. One of the speakers were also Ramez Naam – an internationally renowned IT at Microsoft, and Pablos Holman who collaborates with Amazon´s founder Jeff Bezos.

SingularityU Czech Summit, a two-day conference, took place in Prague and focused on the impact of modern technologies in all fields of everyday life. The summit was an initiative of four Czech entrepreneurs – Tomáš Krsek - former CEO of Škoda Transportation, renowned lawyer Radek Pokorný, co-owner of Wood & Co. investment bank Jan Sýkora and former co-owner of Penta, Martin Kúšik. An independent space was dedicated also to finance and banking, where the point of interest was the blockchain technology. The main partner of the event was Deloitte Czech Republic.

The maiin topics of SU Czech Summit were artificial intelligence, robotics, neuroscience, cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart cities, future of education, microrobotics, new hacking tools, jobs of the future and others.

More then 700 attendees reached the venue in order to be part of the change, like business owners, CEOs, managing partners, top level politicians and scientists, and also talented students. Coming from all across the Europe and not only, the event became a true international meetup.

25 high-level speakers (half from Silicon Valley, half from the CEE zone) hosted the stage with their indulging speeches and uncovered the newest about technology and ways to make our everyday life better. Peter Diamandis (co-founder of Singularity University) who participated in video conference, gave the start to the extra-ordinary event and shared some interesting facts and discoveries science lately made, encouriging all of us to be part of the change. The list continues with Divya Chander (neuroscience), David Roberts (Disruputive Innovation), Ramez Naam (Energy & Environmental Systems), John Hagel (Corporate Innovation), Vivienne Ming (Cognitive Neuroscience), Stacey Ferreira (future of entrepreneurship), Michal Pěchouček , Jan Lukačevič (space physics), Gyorgy Levai (limb prostheses research), Jaya Baloo (Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing), Mark Post (smart agriculture, artificial meat), Aubrey de Grey (longevity research), Pablos Holman (futurist, hacker), Nathana Sharma (Ethics and Blockchain), Hod Lipson (Robotics, Artificial Intelligence), Danielle Strachman (disrupting education), Jiří Malý (cardio implanting reserch), Tomáš Marada (exponential technologies, human potential), Frank Schwab (disruptive digital banking), Tomaso Gecchelin (smart city and mobility), Marek Rosa (artificial intelligence), Dariusz Žuk (business incubator), Jaroslaw Bator (business development) and closes with Filip Dřímalka (business innovation).

The main goal of the very first and successful edition of SU Czech Summit was to inspire and empower Czech and Central European leaders and influencers to understand the exponential technologies that are changing the world and human society as we know it. A mission that we strongly believe was accomplished. The SingularityU Czech Summit, which was unprecedented in the Czech Republic and in the whole CEE region, explored the new frontiers of ethics in business, and security, the future of work and education, and new models of growth and organisations.

As stated by Eva Hanáková, the Managing Director of SingularityU Czech Summit: „There are 4 local businessmen who stand behind the idea of bringing the Singularity University into our country and thanks to them it is possible to organise this extraordinary event in Prague.” Tomáš Krsek (chairman of the board of Škoda Transportation, a leading European manufacturer of vehicles for city and railway transport, and founder of a private investment company Bohemia Industry), Jan Sýkora (chairman of the board of WOOD & Company, a leading investment bank in Emerging Europe), Radek Pokorný (founding partner of the Prague-based law firm Pokorný, Wagner & Partners) and Martin Kúšik (founder of the investment family office Odyssey 44).

Eva Hanáková herself had a great and significant part on organizing this breakthrough summit in Prague, dealing directly with SU in Silicon Valley and bringing the speakers and science elite to the Czech venue.

This was just the first appointment with Singularity University in Czech Republic, and we are convinced that it has already impacted on the Czech society, business and innovation in an exponential and disruptive way. From this point, there is no way back, this is why we are about to launch SU Czech Summit 2.0 to welcome the Future together with you!

You can watch the SU Czech Summit 2018 teaser here and see the highlights of the event:

or watch the full speeches of almost all speakers here: Speeches